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GREENCoat Green Vacuum Coatings

Ecological Metallization of Plastics

The GREENCoat project aims to develop and improve technological solutions that allow the replacement of the current electrolytic chromium plating process in polymeric thermoplastic components, by the addition deposition method, using the vacuum cathodic deposition technology, hereinafter called PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition).

Objective: to develop industrial procedures and techniques that allow the production of technical “chromed” plastic parts that meet customer requirements, as electrolytic chromium plating involves the use of hexavalent chromium, which is recognized as a carcinogen. Its use is currently prohibited in the European Union (EU): which is why it is urgent to pursue new technologies in order to obtain the same optical appearance as electrolytically chromed parts but applied in a non-polluting way.

On the other hand, application by sputtering opens up a new range of depositable metals as well as obtaining new colors and tones combined with better performance. Due to the nature of PVD layers, they can undergo laser engraving processes and it is also possible to obtain layers that, when backlit, show transparency to light.

GREENCoat : Green Vacuum Coatings

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